Alzheimer’s is a steaming pile of donkey dung.

An internal debate about the wisdom of publishing the experiences of my family with Alzheimer’s has been raging for the past year.  Alzheimer’s is painful for the patient and the caregivers.  Taking this into consideration, I have decided that maybe reading about someone else’s journey through Alzheimer’s might help someone else find a little ray of hope rather than just being selfish catharsis.  About two years ago I read Roz Chast’s Can’t we talk about something more PLEASANT?, a book about dealing with watching our parents go through the process of aging.  This leaves many of us feeling helpless, but her book gives perspective on  the subject and made me laugh and cry (sometimes at the same time).  I am no Roz Chast, but if you are sad about the aging of your parents, I hope my future blog posts will help you realize that we caregivers are not alone.

If you are offended by material that uses humor to deal with difficult subjects, just scroll on by my Alzheimer’s posts.  Some of us deal with pain through humor.  It does not make us heartless; it just makes us a little different.